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About Us

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are wood floors good for my family?
   YES, Wood floors are an excellent choice for any home. Wood does not collect dust and other allergens, many leading health associations agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home.

Does my family have to leave the house?
  NO. All stains and finishes are low odor and dry quickly.

How long will it take?
  Not long at all, the average floor of 500 square feet will usually take 2 - 3 days.

We have pets, how long do they have to stay off the new floor?
  Dogs and cats have to stay off the floors until the finish has cured, which is about 3 days. Bona Traffic finish helps to prevent surface scratching, however it does not make the floor scratch proof.

When can I put my rugs and furniture back?
  It is always best to wait 3 - 4 days

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors to keep it looking it´s best all the time?
  The single easiest is to dust mop the floor every day. Like any flooring, dirt and grit are the biggest enemy of your new floor, and a daily routine of dry dust mop will help keep your floor looking it´s best. DO NOT use Murphy's Oil Soap on your floors.

With sanding a floor, won´t that create dust all over the house?
  Dust collection happens continually while we are sanding.

What kind of mess will be left when the job is done?
  We clean up as we go along throughout the job. The only trace we leave behind is your beautiful new floor.

What is the best finish for my floors?
  I recommend Bona Traffic, a two-component, waterborne, 100% polyurethane finish. It provides a clear, natural appearance with superior scratch and scuff durability.